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Meeting with LA Cares

11893811_173340439675286_3699812043141893641_oWe had a very exciting meeting the board of LA Cares. These are the folks who give food to people who need it in Los Alamos.

For the next few months we will be working to test out our app in Los Alamos, to help LA Cares. We hope to iron out all the logistical details so we can do as much good as possible locally, and get ready to scale it so that people in other cities can benefit.

We’re happy that LA Cares was as enthusiastic about the idea as we are. They said that the more donations they get, the more they can give away. And that’s what it’s all about!

App coming soon

10463860_1071492802874745_9022312871622349601_oI am sure we have all been there before. You know, when you look at the perfect meal and you know you just have to make it for yourself. In order to make that dish, you have to have good quality ingredients and a great recipe to follow. Well, we are delighted to let you all know that Famine to Feast has done it. We have the recipe and all the quality ingredients to start. We have a few garnishes that we still have to apply but, we have our whole product right in front of us and ready to serve. We are really close to a success story. Thanks to all of you for your support and help! We will have more to come when we will announce our official launch date. We will also be doing another fund raiser soon and hope that many of you will help us to help others. This picture is of what the Famine to Feast App will look like! It will ready to purchase for free from Apple very soon (thanks Michael Ham & Dave Van Etten

Famine to Feast has a simple mission:

Have you ever had more than enough food but didn’t know where to find the nearest food shelf?

Maybe you didn’t know where to find the nearest food shelf and didn’t know what they’ll accept. You may have been pressed for time, so even though you felt bad, you threw stuff away.

Famine to Feast connects people who have extra food with the people who need it right now. Using a simple app, users can find out where to drop off their donation. We can even arrange to have a driver pick up the food.

Our goal is to reduce hunger and food waste at the same time.