Tonya Sprouse-Mullins

My name is Tonya Sprouse-Mullins and I am the Lead Volunteer for Famine to Feast. I was raised in Los Alamos and I live in my childhood home with my husband (Steve Mullins) and our cats. From a young age I was raised to always help others and once out of High School I got into the medical field where I found my calling. Over the years, I have done a variety of jobs but my heart was always in helping others and making a difference.

Late last year, I got involved with Famine to Feast and found that same drive that I have working in the medical field. Giving back to others and helping to educate people on Famine to Feast and the many ways we impact Los Alamos and the surrounding communities is very important to me. I truly believe there are no boundaries for the amazing things that Famine to Feast can do and I am so excited to see the great things we can accomplish in the upcoming years.

Michael Ham
I am a physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory and when I heard about Famine to Feast I couldn’t wait to get involved. I helped put together the IPhone App that I hope make it easy for you to make donations.


Gloria Brehm
I love Famine to Feast because it helps bridge the gap between those that have too much and those who don’t have enough.  As a single mom I’ve struggled at times to meet all my financial obligations.  It’s nice to know that hunger will never be an issue no matter how tough the times may be.

David Van EttenDavid Van Etten
Having been a recipient of several types of aid during the Cerro Grande fire, I am always looking for ways to give back.  When the McDonald’s asked me to help out with Famine to Feast I was happy to help.  I designed the logo, phone app graphics, and web site.